About us
Stills Project is an online store where you can buy the works of the most forward-looking photographers and artists in Russia. We believe that contemporary photography is a valuable art form. The representatives of the direction prove it. Their works are exhibited in the best galleries and museums around the world.
Why is it so interesting? First, such photographs are a valuable interior object that looks good in any kind of space. Secondly, it is a wonderful opportunity to start your personal art collection.

Our authors work in a wide variety of photography genres: from fashion and documentary to still life. They collaborate with leading magazines around the world, exhibition areas, musicians and brands. Among them are Danil Golovkin, Katya Turkina (Turkina Faso), Dima Chyornyy, Sasha Saharnaya, Monika Dubinkaite, Yan Yugai, Masha Demyanova, Anatoly Shabalin and others.
The Stills Project's mission is to give everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary photography and expand their understanding of it. Our prints are unique. They are produced in limited edition with the personal signature of the author.
How to order beyond Russia
We deliver works beyond Russia only in tubes. Delivery cost is calculated individually. Please, send us the following data and we can calculate your cost:

1. Choose a work from the catalog - https://stillsproject.com/works

2. Send us an email to info@stillsproject.com with information about the works:
— link to a work
— work size
— quantity
— delivery address

— https://stillsproject.com/yan_yugay/tproduct/22310...
— size: 60 x 40 cm
— quantity: 2 pieces
— delivery address: 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, United States

3. Our manager will calculate the cost and answer you within a few hours.
One of the best photographers in Russia are represented at Stills Project.
Foreign payments for works are made through the PAYPAL.
We deliver works in a tube around the world.
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